Favorite Five? (Survey)

I am interested in finding out what five web-based applications other educators most utilize (or plan to utilize) in the curriculum. My personal top five, in no particular order:

  1. Edublogs/Learnerblogs
  2. Wikispaces
  3. Bloglines
  4. Scrapblog
  5. Google Docs

Honorable mention to Flickr, Ning, Facebook (seeing some big possibilities there), Trailfire, and Clipmarks.

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  1. While I have my own personal favorites, I have to go with apps that support Hebrew text and have easy enough UI for elementary school non-english speakers to understand. So here are my top 5 also in no particular order.
    (I know that’s 7 sorry)

    And while it doesn’t support Hebrew Text – I can’t leave Voicethread out of my list.
    Of course if I ever manage to translate the UI then Ning will be in there also.

  2. 1. Bloglines.com
    2. Google Docs
    3. del.icio.us
    4. PBwiki.com
    5. PollDaddy.com

    So many others: it is hard to choose! I have written a randomizing widget featuring the tools I like and use. You can find that here:
    Cool Tools Widget


  3. Hi Alvin,

    I work at Scrapblog and wanted to thank you for including us in your list of top 5 apps for education. We are working on some super cool new features that will apply directly to the educators and their students. Stay tuned. Also if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve Scrapblog shoot me an email.

  4. I love surveys! (I’m afraid that I’m just getting into the web 2.0 mode, so some of these probably don’t strictly meet your definition.)


  5. Thank you for introducing me to the scrapblog site. I love it and hope to implement it soon. Thanks for all of your hard work and knowledge you have shared with us during the JUMP training. I feel so fortunate to have this training to begin a new year.

  6. Top 5…

    Google Reader

    I am really interested as to how you use Scrapblog as an educational tool as I wouldn’t have thought of using it in this way.

    I would love to make more use of Flickr and twitter but they are blocked…

    If I could have two more I would say podcasts.yahoo.com and http://www.sxc.hu.

    I use the second one for royalty free images that I use as the backgrounds for my powerpoints etc. Thousands of images of things like close ups of drops of water on different surfaces.

    I also just found this website which is very useful for education
    It contains MP3s of historical sounds – mostly speeches from history eg. Houston we have a problem, Bush’s End of communism speech.

  7. Thanks to all for the input–I have a couple of new sites to play with now!

    Toni, I envision us using Scrapblog as a means for early/pre-readers/writers to express themselves in a blog format. Special education courses, ESL classes, etc. might also benefit for the same reasons. The tool is heavy on images and graphics, and light on the text used to tell the tale. My first attempt was with my kindergarten daughter, and she loved it, and I felt it was very successful. Great information in your comments, by the way–thank you!

  8. Voicethread
    CommunityWalk Map

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