Starting Early with Podcasting

I spent a great Sunday afternoon with my 7-year old daughter yesterday, and we finally got around to doing something she’s been wanting to do for awhile–setting up her own podcast. It’s called Reagan Reviews, and she plans on doing reviews of the many, many books she reads.  Book reviews, either audio or video, are a great way to introduce students to podcasting, and the subject matter is endless. The tools we used were an RCA Small Wonder video camera and Adobe Premiere Elements for the editing. We converted the .avi video file to .mpeg using the free Jodix video converter software, which I like for its ease of use–browse to the file and click convert. The host site she’ll be using for now is Podomatic, which offers 500 mb of storage, enough to get her going. Setting up a user account and uploading the podcast with this site were fast and easy, although certainly not easy enough for her to do without my help. I’m working on uploading the video to YouTube, and I’ll be sure to post it here when it’s ready.

(Note–I tried uploading to TeacherTube, but the site hung up in the final stages of the upload. This isn’t the first time this has happened for me. I love the site, and really hope they can invest in some server upgrades. In the meantime, it’s difficult for me to recommend to teachers that they use it for hosting their own videos. If this changes, I’ll be the first to spread the word.)

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  1. This is great! I can’t wait until we have a kid in a couple years.. I am going to be the coolest tech-dad ever.

    Had never heard about, thanks for sharing, I’ll pass it on to my wife (a teacher!)

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