Banning Sure Is Easy

EmperorI was reading an article about yet another school district banning yet another social technology this morning, as Hattiesburg has protected its citizens by banning student-teacher communication via text messaging or social networks. No need to bother wasting precious testing-time crafting creative applications of such tools in order to take advantage of their popularity in the curriculum. Just like so many other districts, who have blazed the trail by banning iPods, cell phones, blogs, and other tools of subversion and perversion, steps have been taken to ensure that safety and proper focus are ensured. I know the citizens of Hattiesburg are sleeping easier.

Yet again, I am reminded of how grateful I am to work where I do. I may get a little frustrated with the filter on occasion, but the vision is there, and our students will benefit.


  1. How else will the digital divide continue to get wider? When there are so many school districts that are struggling to even have the computers and cell phone coverage that allow students and teachers to communicate formally and informally, it is really a good thing that some are able to block communication by banning text messaging and social networks. This will not stop students from communicating with each other and with those in their social networks. They better get the parents to enact similar bans at home.

  2. We can always dream, Karen. 😉

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