The BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge

12seconds is a site that I joined a few months ago as an Alpha user, but haven’t gotten around to really exploring until now. The site functions as basically a video blog, allowing users to record short (12 seconds…you probably guessed that.) videos, which are posted to a user’s homepage, where they can be visited by others. Visitors can then leave text or video comments or replies. While at first 12 seconds seemed awfully short, I recalled the incredible films I once enjoyed in an online movie contest where the entries could only last 10 seconds. So, I decided not to be so dismissive, and, after some consideration, I can see some interesting educational possibilities for the site.

To get myself more familiar with 12seconds and to encourage my campuses’ teachers to try some new things, I am going to use my own channel to create the 12 Second BISD Tech Challenge. Here is the general idea.

  1. I post a video with a new tech challenge.

  2. BISD teachers complete the challenge.

  3. The teachers then post a comment here, indicating the completion of the task.

At the end of the year, I will put the participating teachers’ names into a drawing, with 1 ticket placed for each successful challenge. I will draw two names, one of which will receive a cool tech tool, such as a presentation mouse, and the other a similar, yet smaller prize. Today’s video is ready, and the task is a simple one, just to get things rolling. If the video below will not display, it can be viewed at this link.

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge on
I think this site might be an engaging way to get students involved in classroom discussions. They might also use a class channel to give very concise book reviews, daily learning summaries, or single word vocabulary lessons. Additionally, administrators might post discussion topics, taking advantage of the more time efficient format over traditional blogging. Other possibilities abound. 12seconds is, on the surface, an odd idea, but, in our time-crunch, video-centric world, it might just be brilliant!


  1. Sounds like a fun way to learn how to do things that are so common in your world. I went to Google’s Blogs and posted a comment about a movie I saw this weekend with my kids, Marley and Me.


    Waiting moderation and posting of comment on above blog. This is fun. Thanks for sharing!

    PS: We launch epals this week and are participating in the presidential minute opportunity.

  3. I responded to a blog on The Community at The original comment was posted by a college student who is struggling with family pressure to declare a major and finish school, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do in life. My response was basically that only he can know when to move forward and what to pursue. I suggested that he might want to go somewhere to get away from family and friends for a awhile to get away from that pressure.

  4. Randy,
    This is great! I posted a comment and am waiting to be posted on a blogspot for teachers of special education who want free technology resources information. Thank you for enlarging our vision.

  5. I visited a Blog about distance learning since I am currently working on the completion of my on line degree. The information shared was about the pros and cons of this type of learning experience. I posted my opinion based on my experiences. I believe that while distance learning is a challenge, it is fabulous option for self motivated people.


  6. Awesome start–great, diverse topics! I’ll be keeping a spreadsheet with a list of participants. Thank you for giving it a shot!

  7. I went to a site for Spanish learners and found a blog that recommended a web site. I posted a thank you for the link.

  8. Thank you for inspiring me to learn about Mark Catesby and his earlier contributions to North American ornithology… 100 years prior to the work of John James Audubon. Nice to know. Have a great day!

  9. Hi! I visited and commented a professional Special Education website as follows:

    This is a great idea! Alyson Smith

  10. Alyson,
    Great web site! I went and downloaded a few of their Goals forms. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I posted a comment on Googleblog’s article about iiTunes new pricing and DRM free songs.

  12. Late again as usual but I have finally taken on your challenge!!!

  13. I visited a blog on dogs as aides for people with Autism. The blog was about people who wanted to have a working dog in the apartment that had a no pets policy. My position was that I did not believe in suing however, the ADA laws protect people with disibilities from this type of discrimination.

  14. OBIWAN: may the force be with you!!!!
    Holy moly….I am still teachable.
    Thanks for making this FUN!!!!

  15. I posted on Regie Routman’s Reading/Writing Connection discussion forum about beliefs about learning and teaching vs. what we actually do.

  16. Does a face book blog count?

  17. What if you have already posted podcast on iTunes?
    Just look under bisdautotech in the search area.

  18. Ric,

    A Facebook blog? Well, is it related to work?

  19. I have blogged on facebook if that counts and I have blogged on our school blog “Leader In Me”.
    I am trying to catch up

  20. That works for me. Thanks for participating, Rhonda!

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