BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #4!

Ready for a new challenge? Today’s involves the videoconferencing and online telephone (VOIP) tool Skype. As usual, you can view the video below or at this link. Be sure to leave a comment when you’re done. If you’d like, leave your username, too, and other BISD teachers can easily find you and add you as a Skype contact.

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #4 on


  1. This is pretty cool! Although my call did not go through to my contact. Skeptical about charges.

    Thank you!

  2. I have my friends in the Ukraine, David and Olivia Nelson: davidandolivianelson (We just skyped them last Saturday!) and my husband’s aunt and uncle in Uganda.

    BTW–we have the same Star Wars, Clone Wars helmet.

  3. Good to see your home is as dorky as mine, Joanna!


    No credit card number, no charges possible. As long as your calls are to other Skype members, there is no charge at all. You have to purchase minutes to call other numbers. Hope this eases your worries!

  4. I can see how this would be a great tool to keep in touch like Joanna does, with someone outside the country. However, both my cell and home phones have super affordable long-distance built in, so I’m not sure this is something that would be something I would use frequently.

  5. How about this, Jeanne: You set up grandma/grandpa with a webcam and Skype. They get to do a Jetson video phone call and see the grandkids. They are so happy, they double your inheritance. Could you do that with a cell phone? (Okay, with some cell phones, you can, but that’s beside the point.)

  6. I have downloaded Skype on my home laptop and completed a project with a cohort in one of my graduate classes. It was great since she lives in New Jersey and I live in Texas. So, I downloaded here and added a couple of my co-teachers. I cannot wait until we can add the video component here so my class can work with other classes.

  7. Ruth Grannemann

    January 15, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    I noticed some of my relatives are on skype. Do I have to be logged onto skype to get calls? I noticed the skype icon at the bottom of my screen. Does that mean I will get calls as long as I am logged onto my computer?

  8. It was much eaiser than I anticipated. I enjoyed talking to you and will get my kids to sign onto skype and relatives in Fla. so we can talk and webcam. Thanks for getting this going. It is helping me learn even more about technology. You’re a super guy. Debi

  9. That’s right, Ruth. As long as your computer is on, connected to the Internet, and has Skype turned on, calls can come in. Actually, they even make handsets that allow you to take them like you would a regular phone call.

  10. I am set up on Skype and have been for several years. I love to catch up with folks that are international using Skype. Randy and I have been known to Skype and come up with cool techie ideas for students using Skype.

    • Thanks for chiming in, Whitney–you are a great example of a teacher who works hard to engage her kids using technology, and who understands that using it yourself is a big key!

  11. This is a learning experience. I am going to add this at home so that I can use it with my college Collaborative Learning Groups.
    I have added some of my team members here at POST as well as adding you!
    Is this something that should be checked daily like email?

  12. I downloaded t0 skype and chatted with two of my coteachers.

  13. Thanks Randy!

    I needed the push to get back on Skype.


  14. I have an account to visit with my son in Peru. Although the web cam and voice do not work great because of his slower connection, it is a way to visit.

    • I feel your pain, Linda, only it’s my parents, and they just live out in east Texas. I think their connection utilizes a little, sweet old lady named Mabel sitting at one of those old-time switchboards, connecting: w….w….w….dot….g….o….o….

  15. I have used Skype in the past but it has been a while! thanks for the refresher! I am saunier70…if you want to know!

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