BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #11!

We’re getting down to crunch time. The big prizes will be announced next week, but for now, intrinsic motivation will have to do! For today’s challenge, you’ll need to create your own blog, using the site Now, before you click back to the Cartoon Network site just yet, hear me out for a second.

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #11 on

Posterous is a site I recently shared that allows users to post using just an email message, even one that includes pictures or videos. You can even read and reply to comments via email. Accounts are free, of course, and you can blog about anything you like to talk about: family, sports, work, children, movies, food, etc. I want you to see how addictive they can be, and the best way to ensure that is to write about what you know and care about. Just be sure to share your blog’s address here once it’s set up!


  1. allison the great. Pretty catchy, huh?


    Just a quick note to inform everyone of the upcoming event that many of our BISD students will be involved with this weekend.

    Janet Erlinger
    AKA Ms. E.

  3. Ruth Grannemann

    April 22, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    I’ll let my blog speak for itself.


    Being able to use email is a great way to faciliate group projects.

    Joanna Ashlock



    Wow. Very interesting. I love the simplicity of this. Since the students have their own emails this is alot easier to use. Wonder how we create the same blog for our classes?

    • If by same you mean one blog for everyone, all you need to do is go into settings and add the email addresses for any kid who will be using the blog. That’s all there is to it!

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