PicFindr: Useful Resource for Digital Projects

Digital presentations and stories are really gaining momentum in our district. One challenge that persists, however, is finding quality, free images for students to use in their creations. Picfindr is a very helpful tool for locating images without worrying about copyright issues. The interface is simple enough. Simply choose the copyright level (none, give credit, or ask permission) and the category of use (education). Enter a search term, and PicFindr searches a number of sites to find images that fit your criteria. By choosing “none”, students can use images without any copyright restrictions or citations required. I’ve tried the tool with several search terms, and I was amazed by the number of results it produced. Note that there are some results which are sponsored, and sponsored images may require a fee to use, but the vast majority are completely free for students to utilize to create exciting products.


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  1. Thanks for sharing PicFindr with your audience! Just a note to let you know that, after 5 years, PicFindr has FINALLY been updated with a new, easier to use interface. Also, shortly we’ll be expanding the number of sites PicFindr searches, especially for education.
    Just fyi and thanks again for sharing us.

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