Wanted to share my latest podcast. To summarize…I’ve been in education for over 22 years now, and while the technology tools we’re using have changed, so much of the actual implementation and goals for learners have not. I think it is fair to say that we’re not taking full advantage of what technology can do in education, instead settling for presentations, projects, etc. that are undoubtedly engaging but not truly high-level uses of the resources. I don’t propose in the podcast to have all of the specifics on how to do it better, but I know it starts with getting our kids involved in creating, innovating, inventing, programming, and looking for ways technology can be used to solve problems. Some would argue that using technology to teach kids math or facts about Calvin Coolidge are enough. I’m tired of it, personally, thus the little podcast mini-rant. By the way, I’m guilty 100% of all I rail against in the podcast.

Disagree with my ideas? Agree? Any comments are very appreciated!