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TCEA Areas 10/11 Conference Links

Thanks to all who participated in my sessions/workshop today at the area TCEA conference. As promised, here are the links to the resources that were shared and a few more. Let me know if I can provide anything else! Also, if you attended either my own session on Voicethread or another on the tool, please add your implementation ideas to the Voicethread Wallwisher wall below. Thanks again!

Workshop: Collaborative Storytelling with Voicethread

Image collections

Not Again! Presentation Tools That Aren’t Just Another PowerPoint

PowerPoint sharing/collaboration/tools

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Spread the Word: Generating School or Classroom Buzz with Web 2.0


Social Networks

Video Sites for Creating Your Own Channel

Streaming Video Channels


21st Century Skills Resources

    Cool Tools Duel: Dean Shareski & Alec Couros

    Here is the live blog listing the sites/tools shared at the TCEA Region 7 Conference last Friday.

    • 3:42 PM: rrodgers Shareski: CoolIris
    • 3:43 PM: rrodgers Couros:
    • 3:44 PM: rrodgers includes conferencing (audio and chat) features
    • 3:45 PM: rrodgers Couros: Skitch
    • 3:46 PM: rrodgers Shareski: Picnik
    • 3:49 PM: rrodgers Shareski: Jing Project
    • 3:51 PM: rrodgers Couros: ScreenCastle
    • 3:53 PM: rrodgers Couros: EverNote
    • 3:56 PM: rrodgers Shareski: Doodle (meeting scheduler)
    • 4:00 PM: rrodgers Shareski: Google mobile
    • 4:00 PM: rrodgers Couros: Qik
    • 4:06 PM: rrodgers Couros: Tinychat
    • 4:07 PM: rrodgers Rodgers (guest dueler): Glogster, Voki
    • 4:07 PM: rrodgers Shareski: geoGreeting (Uses Google maps mashup to create text from building images)
    • 4:09 PM: rrodgers Couros: Greasemonkey addon for Firefox (shared Twitter Google search, Flickr attribution scripts)
    • 4:12 PM: rrodgers Couros: type “pwn” before YouTube link to be able to download vids
    • 4:14 PM: rrodgers Shareski: Tubechop (cut out parts of vids)
    • 4:17 PM: rrodgers Shareski: (my kryptonite)
    • 4:19 PM: rrodgers Couros: Hulu
    • 4:20 PM: rrodgers Couros: Polleverywhere

    Test of Scribblelive at TCEA

    I just sat in on a session at TCEA and thought I’d use the opportunity to try out this new live blogging site. The blog is embedded below. I need to do some more playing with the site to form a complete opinion, but my first impression is that is is easier to use than the grand-daddy of live blogging sites, Coveritlive. I can’t speak for the feature set, though, but I’ll try to give more information as I work with it.

    TCEA 2009: What’s New in Web 2.0?

    Doing two sessions this year at TCEA. The first one was this morning, and we (co-worker Jon Norris, geeky aunt, Connie Tubbs, and myself) shared the basics of setting up and using the Nintendo Wiimote as an interactive whiteboard. This afternoon, the session will be on Web 2.0. I did this session at TCEA last year, and it is one of my favorite topics. This year has given me a great deal of trouble, though, as I try to narrow down a list of several hundred of my favorite sites to about 25, in order to be able to let folks out in under 5 hours. Here is the list I have compiled, tentatively (I still have a couple of hours!), of the sites I will be sharing. Actually, the sites preceded by an asterisk are the first priority sites. The others may not make the cut, especially if time runs short. If I have neglected to include any of your favorite, new Web 2.0 sites, please share them with me!

    Student/Organization Tools

    * (Tool for creating to-do lists, reminders, more; access via phone, work offline, use with Google calendar and iGoogle, and more.) (Online note-taking tool from the creators of Rubistar; teacher and student features.) (Versatile, social note-taking and organization tool.)

    * (Very useful note-taking and organization tool; write notes, upload images, send text/pics from phones, clip websites, more.)


    * (Very easy filesharing tool; share via web, email, phone, etc.) (Simple tool for creating collaborative, online work spaces using participant emails.)

    * (Create private, virtual networks between computers.) (Send files up to 100mb via email.) (Free online file storage up to 10 gigs.) (Online document sharing with the ability to tag documents for search engine recognition and embed documents into websites.) (Free desktop sharing tool for up to 20 participants.)


    * (Create and share mind maps online.)

    * (Online version of the popular Inspiration software; great tool for collaborative brainstorming, planning, more.)

    Bookmarks (Fairly simple and straightforward social bookmarking site.)

    * (Social bookmarking site with lots of great features, including ability to mark up sites, share with groups, friends, etc.)

    Videoconferencing (Free video-conferencing tool.)

    * (Probably the easiest, most basic video-conference site on the web; create a room and invite friends.)


    * (Shared videos plus ability to leave time-specific comments, tags.) (Useful tool lets you download videos in multiple formats from a variety of sites.)

    * (Create live streaming video channels; chat with viewers.)

    * (Create live broadcasts with lots of extras, such as embedded images, text, etc.)

    * (Live video streaming from a wide variety of phone models)

    * (Live video streaming, video chat for up to 12 participants, slideshow and music sharing, plus mobile streaming for some Nokia phones)


    * (Create photo prints that are 3-dimensional or display motion.) (Cool tool from Microsoft creates fantastic panoramic images from multiple pictures.)

    * (Create beautifully animated slideshows, complete with musical accompaniment; free full version for educators.)

    * (Allows users to upload images to many sites through one portal.) (Create/share multimedia slideshows, upload existing PowerPoint shows, search for images/videos while working in the site.)

    Office Apps

    * (Flash-based, online slideshow creation tool.) (Slideshow sharing site)

    Website Creation/Wikis

    * (Great, free website creation tool; features standard and blog pages, drag-and-drop interface, more.)


    * (Use RSS feeds to create a printable, pdf newsletter.)


    * (Students create custom vocabulary study lists and mp3 files.)

    * (Site that is attempting to create audio files with pronunciations of all of the words in the world in their native tongues.) (Free online game and mashup creation tool from Microsoft.)

    * (Cloud computing platform; access files from any web-connected computer.)

    * (Student book writing and illustrating tool; students can order hard or soft copies for about $20.) (Create embeddable surveys, complete with multimedia elements.)

    * (Create interactive, embeddable quizzes; include graphics, video, images.)

    * (Exciting tool for creating interactive presentations incorporating images, audio, video, and PowerPoint.)

    * (Collaboratively create works of art, chatting with collaborators as you work.)

    * (Site where users read shared materials and participate in discussions; users can upload own content, too.)


    * (Create private, corporate microblogging networks.)

    * (List of educators using Twitter)


    * (Create a blog using email messages. Include images, video, links, more. Can also be used for groups, simply by adding members’ email addresses.)

    Website Tools (Allows users to embed documents, videos, and text files in web pages.)

    Dwight’s Google Apps Link (List of some great applications by Google.)

    Presentation Video

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