Prezi is a unique online presentation tool that is a very interesting alternative to traditional multi-media presentation tools, such as PowerPoint. Prezi uses an unusual interface that allows users to incorporate text, geometric shapes, images, video, files (such as .pdf) into a presentation that flies around the screen, zooming in and out dramatically. It is certainly a beautiful final product. I created a sample presentation that describes the web-conferencing site Dimdim here.


The site offers a free, trial membership, which allows for creation and download of 3 presentations, all of which are public. A yearly subscription, which runs about $50 (the site lists the price as 39 euros), allows for 5 times the storage space and private presentations. One big shortcoming of the site, from my view, is the lack of social features, such as the ability to comment on presentations. However, it is intriguing and worth a look for any teacher as tired as I am of the same old PowerPoint. I can envision a high school student truly enjoying the site and creating some masterpieces with it (even if it’s only 3).