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TCEA Region 7 Conference Presentation Links and Resources

Session 1 (9:30-10:15): Twitter, Are You Serious?

Session 3 (12:45-1:30): Live, From Your School!

Session 4 (1:35-2:20): Not Another PowerPoint!

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #7

12 Second Tech Challenge #7 involves one of my favorite tools. Twitter has allowed me to connect with other educators like no other site I have used. I have learned of new and valuable tools, engaged in thought-provoking discussions, had questions answered, shared my own knowledge, and gotten to know folks around the world via Twitter. Still, I realize that some might not understand the appeal, so I am challenging you to at least give it a cursory trial run. Go to the site, join, then follow 3 other users (I’m “rrodgers”, if you wish to follow me!). You can find a great list of other educators using Twitter as well as useful tutorials at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ Edutwitter page. When you’re finished, be sure to list your Twitter name here–you might pick up some new followers! As usual, you can view the video below, or you can see it at this link.

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #7 on 12seconds.tv

Twitter? Are You Serious?

Whew! What a crazy week-and-a-half! I had the opportunity to make 5 presentations in 3 cities, including 3 in one day yesterday. Topics ranged from student achievement vs. 21st century skills to live streaming of school events/instruction to my personal favorite, a requested session on Twitter. This gave me the opportunity to articulate just why this tool has become such an important part of my own learning and networking. The session, streamed live on uStream, was made even more effective through the interactions of some of the members of my own Twitter network. As they viewed the session, they used Twitter to respond to statements or questions I asked aloud. It was a bit chaotic, but VERY effective, and I think it left a very positive impression of Twitter’s usefulness on the educators in attendance. Special thanks to Paul Wood and Kyle Stevens for their invaluable input! The PowerPoint and session video are below, if interested.

(Edit) Educators interested in building their own Twitter networks should check out Gina Hartman’s Twitter4Teachers wiki. It is a growing list of educators using Twitter, sorted by subject areas/job titles.

More Common Craft Vids (One May Save Your Life!)

First, a great explanation of Twitter, although it doesn’t do much justice to the way Twitter can be used more constructively as a means of sharing great resources and connecting learners:

This one is a new video explaining the basics of Internet searching:

Finally, as a public service during the Halloween season (I feel fairly certain this is the first post I’ve tagged with zombies.):

One Whale I Would Not Like to Save…

Twitter error

Today in Twitterville…

Why should you be using Twitter? Here are a few of the resources, stories, lessons, etc. that I picked up off my Tweets so far this morning:

All of this while working on updating our department website and tweaking three Internet safety presentations. Also, it should be known that I haven’t met any of these Twitter buddies in person, yet I’ve been able to learn about countless resources, ideas, events, etc. through my “relationship” with them in Twitter.  I love blogging and I can’t imagine living without RSS right now, but Twitter is, in many ways, the best of both.

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