Focal B & WOne of my personal favorite online photo editing tools, Picnik, is now giving away its premium features, such as advanced editing tools and special image effects (which it teased users with in a free preview period last year). They have added some advertising, but it is very unobtrusive. This site, which is incorporated into Flickr, offers a very user-friendly interface, perfect for allowing students to do professional looking creative editing of their photos. The image to the right is an example of one such tool, called Focal B&W.

(Note: When I attempted to access Picnik through Flickr, the premium features were still listed as just that–premium. However, when I went through Picnik to access my Flickr images, the newly free features were accessible. I’m sure this will be updated soon. It should also be noted that a Flickr account is not required to use Picnik.)

Thanks, again, to Techcrunch for the heads-up!