Some useful tools that are either new or at least that haven’t been mentioned here…

Diigo ( –Social bookmarking site that puts greater emphasis on the social aspect than other, similar sites. Users can create friends lists or groups. Saved bookmarks can be shared with all, some, or none of the friends and groups. Additionally, sites can be customized with highlighting, sticky notes, and more. Envision creating a class group, then having student members studying a topic such as geology find and add resources to the class’s list of bookmarks, including notes telling how the resources are useful.


Slideboom (–Finally! I have found a site that will support my PowerPoint 2007 presentations, INCLUDING ANIMATIONS! Slideboom is very similar to Slideshare, my old favorite. Users can add friends, mark favorites, leave comments, and more. This tool can be used to allow students to post and share PowerPoint presentations, then to have classmates make comments or ask questions on the site. The user agreement also prohibits pornographic images, which should keep content safer for children.


Weebly (–I found Weebly a few months ago, but only yesterday actually began testing it. This is a fantastic site for creating free webpages. The site offers numerous page designs, uses a point and click method for adding page features, includes the ability to create blog pages, and more. Additionally, users can associate existing domain names.  The site very easy to use and allows children as young as 13 to join. Site traffic statistics are available, and users can choose the option of including Google Adsense, making it possible to profit from site traffic.