Twitter? Are You Serious?

Whew! What a crazy week-and-a-half! I had the opportunity to make 5 presentations in 3 cities, including 3 in one day yesterday. Topics ranged from student achievement vs. 21st century skills to live streaming of school events/instruction to my personal favorite, a requested session on Twitter. This gave me the opportunity to articulate just why this tool has become such an important part of my own learning and networking. The session, streamed live on uStream, was made even more effective through the interactions of some of the members of my own Twitter network. As they viewed the session, they used Twitter to respond to statements or questions I asked aloud. It was a bit chaotic, but VERY effective, and I think it left a very positive impression of Twitter’s usefulness on the educators in attendance. Special thanks to Paul Wood and Kyle Stevens for their invaluable input! The PowerPoint and session video are below, if interested.

(Edit) Educators interested in building their own Twitter networks should check out Gina Hartman’s Twitter4Teachers wiki. It is a growing list of educators using Twitter, sorted by subject areas/job titles.


  1. I was asked at the SOSSIG meeting to explain Twitter. Actually, I was challenged to “Convince me why I need to setup a Twitter account and use it.” My reply was that I couldn’t convince anyone to use it. They have to convince themselves. I explained the typical responses from those of us that use it: PLN, trusted network for assistance, follow more knowledgeable folks, get great links, etc.

    The smug look on his face was the same in the end as it was in the beginning. I knew he could not be convinced. Then again, this is a guy who thinks schools get way too much money as it is. Then he goes on to tell about his high dollar blade servers, yada yada yada. I wouldn’t have followed him anyway. 🙂

  2. Scott,

    I know the experience! The session went very well, but who knows how many attendees will hop on board. Just like any tools we share, though, it’s all about appropriate application. If the tool fits, use it. I have found it to be extremely useful, but I know without a doubt that most don’t see it. It’s all about saturating them with options, examination of the curriculum, and adding the pieces that will fit the best.

  3. Randy

    Nice presentation. Glad I could join, even though I was a bit tardy. Twitter has been a great addition to my learning. Twitter has allowed me to grow in what I thought I already knew, learn those things which I did not previously, and make great connections. One of the best classes my students had recently was organized with a teacher in Philadelphia because of twitter.

    Nice work.



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