BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #2

Today’s new 12 Second Tech Challenge is now available for viewing. You can view it below or at this link. Remember to leave a comment here when you’ve completed the challenge. Oh, and why not include a link to a video you found during the challenge? Thanks, and good luck!

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #2 on


  1. It is good to see you finally got some talent to participate in your 12 second clips.

  2. 1) Shift Happens – We watch this in Technology Systems at the beginning of the year and discuss how my job is so hard because I have to prepare them for jobs that are not even created yet!

    2) Frisco Christmas Lights – Wizards in Winter – We watch this a Christmas as an illustration to what you can do with technology, music, and lights. Anyone wanting to become a musical engineer would be interested in this.

  3. Now this one really is too easy. I use youtube all the time. Found some old Mickey Mouse cartoons to use when teaching about Walt Disney as a famous entrepreneur!!

  4. I watche dcat and rat video. Little disturbing waiting for cat to eat rat. I also watched counting crows sing “round here” acoustic. Amazing!


  6. Just today I used two short videos to show mudslides and erosion, one from Japan and one from California. My kids were curious about whether that might happen in Haltom City.

  7. Pictures of the Dustbowl during the Great Depression (set to music). I would use this when teaching the novel Esperanza Rising.

    Seven minutes of still images of the Civil Rights Movement with gospel music setting the mood. The pictures are poignant, emotion-evoking. It would be a great site to pause, discuss, or even use some of the photos as a writing prompt.

    This was a video about job interviews – it was presented clearly and in a simple format.
    This was a video of the first impression and how to fill out a job application and get a job. This one was presented by a young man in realy language with a casual attitude but presents the reality of what is expected from a perspective employee.

    Working in the PAES lab, which stands for Practical Assessment Exploration System, provides the students with job related skills, and these videos will help them to understand the requirements for applying and securing a job.

  9. Randy,
    Had a difficult time with the sign-up. You Tube confirmation email never arrived at my email, but it finally allowed me to sign in this afternoon.
    Our class has viewed the following email about self-advocacy:
    We took a budget shopping field trip at Northeast Mall and took photos of the items we could purchase. This video for how to use Photostory would be a great review after teaching my class to use it first:
    This is a great resource after using United Streaming and Teacher Tube for a long time.

  10. I did #2!!! I found two videos on Simple machines on Utube! Thanks!

  11. I was unable to get on to utube on my teacher computer. I will try later in the building

  12. I picked these two clips that deal with leadership. The first is from a live seminar.
    The second is from the Movie Apollo 13.

  13. Ruth Grannemann

    January 9, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    #2 is done. I found some fascinating science videos and projects on YouTube. I’m planning to show them next week. Thanks for the great ideas.

  14. Social and recreational activities for people with physical challenges. Below are the two videos I found to support our goals for social and community interaction.
    Relationship building:

    Adaptive recreational sports:

  15. I love to use YouTube with my staff…

    1) Sweet – these guys just go to show that in education (as in music) you have to change with the times or you become obsolete. Check out the hair….

    2) I have been preaching costumer service this school year at SES. This clip of BonQuiQui from SNL just goes to show… in every job… we have to keep our customers in mind.

  16. I would of course pick my favorite videos as my own.

  17. We use Youtube in class all the time to research videos in Science. I love Scholastic rock video on Energy and the kids sing right along. We also look up videos current and future space travel. We also look at how information in the internet is not always accurate and we practice breaking down the information.

  18. I found some videos of Edgar Allen Poe’s poems. The web sites are:
    The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

    The Tell Tale Heart

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