Sketchcast Back! (Well, Almost)

I wrote a couple of months ago about the disappearance and assumed demise of Sketchcast, the site that offers tools that allow users to capture drawings as they are created, record narration, add text, and share online. It had become one of the favorite apps of several teachers I had shared it with, and I was quite disappointed to see it go away. During the Christmas break, I typed in the URL for the site in faint hope it would yield a different result. Much to my stunned amazement, Sketchcast popped right up, as if nothing had happened. I logged in, and the account credentials worked fine, too. The only sign that anything had been afoul was that the creation tool is not back online. When the link for creating a Sketchcast is clicked, users are informed that it will be back online soon. I certainly hope so! I haven’t found another site that does what Sketchcast does as intuitively. I will keep clicking on the link every few days, and I’ll update when it is fully back to operational.

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  1. I am crossing my fingers that Sketchcast will once again return. The kids love making Sketchcast tutorials. Please keep us posted once we can get back online. W

    • Consider yourself notified, Whitney–it’s all the way back! I’ll look forward to seeing your kids back to creating presentations!

      • I’ve used Sketchcast on a regular basis for sixth grade math. I haven’t been able to open the web page for Sketchcast for nearly two weeks. The page still wouldn’t load as of this morning (Jan. 25).

  2. Any new info. on this? I’m trying to create a Sketchcast and the “Create” section is failing.

    • Hi, John. Not sure what the issue you’re experiencing might be. It seems to be on again off again for me. I still love the site (when it’s working), but I’ve basically moved to apps for doing this now, like ShowMe.

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