BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #5!

Today’s challenge focuses on a very useful tool called Sketchcast. I wrote about Sketchcast in the previous post. This is a tool that appeared to be lost to us, but it is back now, and I’d encourage you to try it out. When you do, post a link in the comments to your drawing. I think you’ll really enjoy this!

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #5 on



    Ok, that’s pretty fun. But, I don’t think I will use this in the classroom because in the couple of times I did one I saw two very inapporiate sketches displayed on the sidebar. Other than that, it’s fun to play with.

    • Hi, Joanna,
      Well, that is certainly always a possibility. I haven’t seen any inappropriate ones, but it doesn’t surprise me. I wonder what the best approach would then be, other than just not using the tool. I’ll try to contact Sketchcast, and see what they think. Thanks!

      • As a follow-up, Joanna, I found this under the “Report abuse” info link:
        “Adult Material including pornography, erotic images, or otherwise obscene content”
        They obviously have a policy about this type of thing, so, hopefully, it shouldn’t be a major issue. YouTube has similar policies, but users frequently try to sneak inappropriate materials by the site owners. My advice, report anything especially inappropriate.

  2. That was fun! You are such a TECHIE!!!!!!
    How do you know about this stuff?

  3. Okay, so I made a lame attempt to create a sketchcast which the link to is attached. Maybe with LOTS of practice this could be a useful tool for us but until I didn’t like the dead air as I tried to manipulate the tools. This may get better with practice. Either way, it was fun!

  4. This one was just for fun and believe me drawing this with a mouse was hysterical!
    I can see that this would be a fun tool and it would keep the students engaged! The more I play with it, the more it seems useful.
    Is there any way to change the size of the eraser?

  5. Ruth Grannemann

    January 29, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    This was more fun than an Etch-a-sketch! I spent way too much time on my picture, but I couldn’t stop ’till it was complete! I’ll have to think about how to use it in 1st grade. They tend to be a little intimidated by drawing projects. Maybe they will be more willing to try online. I wasn’t sure how to link to my sketch, but here it is (I think).


    A very quick attempt to show how to convert decimals to percents. I prefer to have the students make the sketchcasts and will include those in the class wiki next year. My old sketchcast channel was cancelled when they went offline. Oh well.

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