BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #6

Today’s challenge is to create a quiz using the fun and powerful site, This site allows users with free accounts to create interactive, multimedia quizzes. Embed images and video, set time limits, and choose from a good selection of quiz templates. Quizzes are in just two forms, multiple choice and survey-type, but it is still a very useful and easy-to-learn tool. Quizzes can be shared via link, email, or through several social networks and blog sites. To see the site in action, check out the sample quiz I created in about 5 minutes below. (Note: The video at the beginning is funny, but not essential to the quiz.)

As always, once you have completed the challenge, please reply here and leave us a link to your quiz, so that other teachers and I can see your work. Again, thanks for your participation!

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #6 on


  1. Randy, good stress relief from a looooonnnngggg day! Here you go, not approved for children!

  2. Okay! This is a great website. It is the end of the day so the quiz is a little scary.

  3. This is one I will actually use!
    Some of the correct answers are not as obvious as you might think!
    This is a cool site. Thank you!


    There’s no time limit for getting these done is there. I made mine a while back for chess club, but I wanted to have a couple of experts look at my questions before I submitted it. I am not a chess expert, just a mere novice. How do I get this on my website? I copied it and linked it on my website. The quiz comes up, but so does the whole studiyo website. Not sure everything on there is wholesome.

  5. No worries, Ruth–the only time limit will be the actual day I give away the prizes later in the year. As for getting it into your website, I will come by and show you what we can do!

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