BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #7

12 Second Tech Challenge #7 involves one of my favorite tools. Twitter has allowed me to connect with other educators like no other site I have used. I have learned of new and valuable tools, engaged in thought-provoking discussions, had questions answered, shared my own knowledge, and gotten to know folks around the world via Twitter. Still, I realize that some might not understand the appeal, so I am challenging you to at least give it a cursory trial run. Go to the site, join, then follow 3 other users (I’m “rrodgers”, if you wish to follow me!). You can find a great list of other educators using Twitter as well as useful tutorials at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ Edutwitter page. When you’re finished, be sure to list your Twitter name here–you might pick up some new followers! As usual, you can view the video below, or you can see it at this link.

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #7 on


  1. Ok, fine, I’m on Twitter. I really think this is just a ploy to try to convince everyone how great it is. jk I’m jlashlock if you want to follow me but be warned–I don’t know where I’m going! πŸ™‚

  2. Randy,
    Like the snow feature you’ve added to the page.
    I am now on Twitter. Look for terribow.
    Couldn’t find you though.

  3. here’s my twitter name… ksmusicteach

    Did you just want us to join so you’d have more twitter friends?!? jk.

    I already added some friends….

  4. Okay I am jerlinger on twitter. I am watching you, Mrs. Bowman, and Mrs. Smith.

  5. I am officially a “twit” now! Yeah I know I was one already but you can find me on Twitter now too! virginia70
    Should be fun to see who finds me…

  6. Some of this stuff is really hard for an introvert to do. Those prizes better be good. rgrann is my twitter name.

  7. I have been on twitter for a while. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the comments. I have sense loaded TweetDeck on my computer and this helps me keep up with all the Twitters and Facebook updates. Yeah. I am not sure how I would use twitter with my students without them misusing the site. I will have to ponder this…or better yet.. I will twitter and get some ideas from others.

  8. Another middle school science teacher simply sends out her Twitter name to kids and parents, then allows them to follow her. She uses it for class news, study notes, reminders, etc. As for misuse, I would put that in the hands of the kids and their parents, as it would be an out-of-school tool, primarily. If a kid is being followed by his/her teacher, I think most will behave well.

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