BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #8!

The challenge continues with the easiest challenge to date, Challenge #8. Simply check out the wonderful video resource, TeacherTube, find a video you could use in your class, and share the link to it in a comment. That’s it!

BISD 12 Second Tech Challenge #8 on


  1. This was a neat trick. The math proves it will always work.

  2. That is a very good example, Lannette. Thanks! (Here’s the link:

  3. You, Jon, have sooo much street cred! Great student project–thanks for sharing!


    Okay, maybe not in the elementary music class, but it’s music with writing, and I loved this SNL skit. lol


    This video provides two examples of how to present yourself in a job interview. I actually had my students watch it already and they were able to choose the best candidate for the job.


    This link works better for the job interview video.

    This site provides great resources. Thank you.

    • Janet, that is a very cleverly crafted video–I love the whole idea to use the twins!

      • We have created our own video of this sort but did not have twins. We had two student present themselves for an interview; one presenting themself professionally and the other as a poor example. We used the Small Wonder Camera which upload easily to allow immediate viewing of the video. Using this site allowed them to compare it to their video.

  7. This is an old video but it has good points. This is also a great tool, thanks.

    This video discusses fair use or copyright law.
    It is wonderful and should be shown to students and teachers alike. Although it is a lighthearted approach, it does make very strong points about what should and should not be used when sharing information.

  9. Teresa,

    I saw that at a session on copyright last year. It is a fantastic discussion of the subject and really fun to watch.

  10. Teacher Tube is fun! I liked the ones people post with their classes…do they have to have special permission?

  11. Thanks, Whitney. Why is it no surprise that you selected a NASA video? 🙂

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