(Formerly 12-Second) BISD Tech Challenge #3: Chogger

After far too lengthy a delay, here is the latest BISD Tech Challenge. Since the demise of 12second.tv, we are moving forward with the larger, all-powerful YouTube as our video host. This week will focus on Chogger, a tool that can be used at all ages and in all subjects to foster creativity through the creation of online comic strips. An example is below the video, just to get you inspired. Notice the important note in the video about cheating letting your students do the heavy lifting on this one! When you (or your delegate) have completed a comic strip, just post a link to it in the comments section. Have fun–this is about creativity, something most of us haven’t done enough of since we left kindergarten!

Click the comic strip to view larger.


  1. Very cool. I am going to try it.

  2. http://chogger.com/QBlIt/Holiday-panic
    Here is the link to my test strip. I have a student working on a much better one! This was just a test – for fun!

  3. The students and I loved it. However, we had a hard time saving it and have not figured out how to come back to it and edit the information.


  4. Here are what my 7th grade students in DAEP were working on today (stages of mitosis). This is just an example of one group’s work:
    They loved it!

  5. You are just the best motivator I know. Also the cutest!

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