Amazingly, I just finished my 10th year working in educational technology. Time truly passes in a flash when you are engaged in something you enjoy so much. After a decade in this business, I would like to share 10 experienced-based truisms that have come to be the guiding principles for me in this business. It’s tough to prioritize some of them, so, in no particular order…

  • The learning objective comes first. Put this with an understanding of the abilities, preferences, etc. of the kids, then choose the right technology.
  • Technology might not be the best tool for the job. There are times when learning succeeds best without technology. Shut it off.
  • No technology is perfect. What works for one classroom might be unsuccessful, unused, and unwanted next door.
  • Digital natives? Sort of. Kids are generally very fast tech learners, indeed, but they don’t come to your room knowing as much as some would assert.
  • Make do. Your budget and resources are not as deep as what that expert speaker is spreading. Use what you and your kids can get your hands on.
  • You gotta believe. Teachers who routinely use tech believe it is important and beneficial for their students. Those who don’t, won’t.
  • Leaders have followers. When the principal uses technology, the teachers will. Simple.
  • Filters are why I’m losing my hair. That and traffic. No clarification needed.
  • Teaching and learning aren’t the same. The technologies for each are often very different. Keep in mind when setting priorities.
  • Reconsider that PowerPoint or brochure. Technology can and should let students do things they cannot otherwise do or do as well. Kick up the expectations.

Of course, I’m open to others, so please share your own!