2-Minute Tech Challenge #1: ifaketext.com

The select few who have read this blog for a few years now might remember the old, 12-Second Tech Challenges from my previous life. These were (EXTREMELY) short video intros to some tech resources, followed by a challenge to find a way to integrate it into the curriculum. Well, 12seconds.tv doesn’t exist anymore, which is good and bad news, probably. On the negative side, 12seconds was a really cool site and community. On the positive side, I won’t be limited to just 12 seconds (No, that is not the negative side..ahem!). Still, in order to respect the time of the reader, I’ve vowed to myself to keep each video under 2 minutes.

Here is how this 2-Minute Tech Challenge thing works.

  1. Watch the video
  2. Use the resource.
  3. Share your result as a comment.
  4. Seguin faculty who participate will be entered to win some cool stuff! 1 entry per challenge + 1 bonus entry if you or your kids use the resource in the curriculum–be sure to specify.

That’s it. Sometime in the spring, I’ll tally up all of the entries and give away some useful, technology-related prizes. Just remember, it only takes a few minutes, but you have to do a little work to win. This first one will get you off to a VERY easy start!

Now, create your own. Think of how this might be used as a conversation between historical or literary characters, scientific things such as atoms, cells, etc. When finished, share the link to your fake text conversation by posting a comment to this blog post. That’s it! I look forward to seeing your creative responses!



  1. That is super cool! I think students would really enjoy using this tool.

  2. This is quite a lot of fun — I’ve posted one on the Library Events wiki, on our Reading Group page: https://libraryevents.wikispaces.com

  3. This is cool! I tried it just for fun and am posting the link below. We have been researching historical figures and have discussed how their inventions still effect our lives even today, so I thought this was a good “play on inventions,” if you will. 🙂 Not sure how I will use it exactly, but I like it!

  4. OMG, the students will love it, especially the format! Just have to figure out how creative I can be with my elementary kiddos. Thx.

  5. Randy Rodgers

    November 14, 2012 at 8:05 am

    Glad you like it, Lisa! Did you create one?

  6. My 5th graders are studying Ancient Greek gods and this will be loads of fun.


  7. Here’s one my students created.

  8. Fun site! Will be thinking about how to use with elementary students.


  9. Melissa Sadler-Nitu

    November 19, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Very Cool thing to know:

    I can’t wait to show it to the ABE teachers!

  10. Melissa Sadler-Nitu

    November 19, 2012 at 5:02 pm


    Love it! Can’t wait to show it to teachers!

  11. Santa needs to send an elf to our house!!


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