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spheroprofilepicHello, my name is Randy Rodgers. I have been in public education for 26 years, including 11 in the elementary and middle school levels, and was once even fortunate enough to be named Birdville (TX) ISD secondary teacher of the year. The past 15+ years have been in the instructional technology field, beginning with a decade in Birdville Independent School District, outside of Fort Worth, Texas. In the spring of 2012 I accepted a new role as the Director of Digital Learning for Seguin ISD (Go, Mats!), just east of San Antonio.

A lot has changed since I learned basic programming on a Commodore Pet back in the 80s. Unfortunately for a lot of students, many classrooms have changed very little in that time (or much, much longer). They are ready for us as educators to get with the program and teach like we live–surrounded by and dependent upon technology. I am completely psyched by the unstable nature of technology! It is completely opposed to sitting still, and the changes that happen in the technology world affect everything else in our profession and beyond. That is why I do what I do–to help teachers keep up and see where they and their students fit in with all of this evolution occurring around them. I want to equip educators to use technologies in powerful ways, and to enable students to create, innovate, invent, and imagine amazing possibilities.

Professionally, I have presented workshops and keynote addresses at TCEA regional and state conferences, ISTE, Tech & Learning Live (formerly Tech Forum), TLA, CAST, TECCSES, Dention TiA, RRR, and more. I have consulted with districts on technology integration, maker tools, and using Web technologies in the curriculum. I am the Area 13 Director for the Texas Computer Education Association and will be the Member Services Chair beginning in April, 2018.

Need a Presenter/Speaker/Trainer?

I am very passionate about technology’s potential to engage kids and revolutionize classroom practice, and I’d love to talk to your staff about it! If you wish to reach me about speaking or consulting (Web 2.0, maker technologies and strategies, creativity and innovation, 21st Century Skills, multimedia tools, flipped learning, general technology integration), you may reach me via this blog, by email at randyrodgersits <at> gmail <dot> com, or through Google Voice, at 817-601-5585. I’ll do my best to keep folks thinking, laughing, entertained, and challenged, and help to create a positive revolution – – you’ve been warned! References are available, of course. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to hearing from you!


I am most passionate about sharing technologies and strategies that promote student creativity, imagination, and problem solving. The topics below are examples of recent or upcoming workshops, keynotes, or PD sessions. Contact me for additional topics or information.

The Student Maker–The past decade has seen the rise of the maker movement, which celebrates the spirit of individual creativity, imagination, and inventiveness. Schools are now embracing this trend that is only slightly about the “stuff” created, and more powerfully about the cognitive and social skills involved in innovating and making something new: design, prototyping, product testing, problem solving, revision, etc. This session will explore options for promoting the maker mentality and providing maker opportunities for students and strategies to get maximum benefits out of these experiences.

Thinking in 3D–3D printing is becoming more commonplace in homes, businesses, and schools as the market grows, applications expand, and prices fall. The potential benefits of these devices for learners is only starting to be understood. This session will look at tools and resources needed to begin a 3D prototyping program and examine ways such a program can foster critical student competencies, such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Programmed to Succeed–As demand for graduates skilled in computer sciences continues to soar, the need for graduates who can create original programs, web tools, and mobile apps leads the way. While not every student in our schools will be predisposed to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, every student can benefit and should be exposed to basic skills and principles of computer coding. Leave this session with hands-on experience with several free tools to teach students basic computer coding and computer science and ideas for implementation in your school curriculum.

Futureproof: 10 Things Your Kids Should Do Everyday–Maker spaces, coding classes, robotics, and STEM initiatives all have in common a maker’s mentality that is of critical value for our students’ future success. Join this session to explore practical strategies to infuse the entire curriculum with inquiry, creativity, higher-level thinking, student-driven questions, and more, with or without technology.

2018 Schedule

  • February 4-9–Texas Computer Education Association Conference
  • April 3–Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Tech Camp
  • June 12–Inspire, SISD Innovative Learning Conference, Organizer
  • July 25-26–CFISD Digital Learning Conference, Featured Presenter

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  1. Debbie Tribble

    June 13, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    What a forward-thinking educator!! Genius!!

  2. Greetings from the DC area!

    Thanks for the post on sketchcast. That is a very cool site. I am looking for animated-type ways to do technology lessons for our teachers and students. Do you have any other creative arts sites or projects? Also, are there site that have other people’s sketchcast work?

    Ryan Osweiler
    http://portermsblog.edublogs.org – Tech Osweiler Page!
    Instructional Technologist
    Woodbridge, VA

  3. Ryan,

    You might want to check out Kerpoof.com . It is a fun site for creating student artwork. Also, given the ages of your students, digital pics would be a great thing to explore. Picnik is a tremendous tool for editing images. Scrapblog is another good site. This one allows students to create visual blogs in the form of slideshows, including text, graphics, photos, and music. Hope this helps!

  4. Teresa Jordan Tasker

    November 7, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Is this the same Randy Rodgers who graduated Richland High School in 1986?

  5. Hey, Teresa! It sure is. How are you?

  6. My dearest techno-savvy Billy Crystal:

    While you have been chunking challenging chips for change, I have chuckled while the chalk churns. I choose to chime in on the chains, yet cheeky children in “ch…evys” constantly chant their cheesy chaff in my chamber chipping at my “ch…ivalry.” I’d rather be chasing chatter about this charter wich chu.

  7. Hi Randy, I came across your blog on the net. I had the opportunity to undertake some research on web 2.0 earlier this year and produced a directory of free web 2.0 tools for teachers. I thought you might be interested in having a look, there may be one or two sites new to you. It is a work in progress so still a few sites and categories to add.

    The address is http://web2educationuk.wetpaint.com

  8. Hey Randy,

    For my organization’s website, I am writing a series of stories about good educational blogs for higher education educators (and students) to read. I was interested in yours. Would you mind if I pulled some quotes for the story? If not, I’ll make do without them! I’ll make sure to shoot you the link to the story if it’s published on our site so that you can see it!

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