Awhile back I wrote on the “professional malpractice” of failing to move teaching and learning into the 21st century.excuses I realize there are many reasons (excuses) for failing to do so, such as inadequate resources, improper or insufficient training, restrictive administrative policies, etc. Jeff Utecht recently wrote a nice, short post on what is likely the most commonly heard excuse, “I don’t have time.” He takes something of a Heidi Hayes Jacobs “no excuses” kind of slant (which I really like). I acknowledge it’s a bit of a lazy blog post here, but, given the lack of posts by yours truly recently, anything is noteworthy. Besides, the discussion Jeff has started is worth having. If you get the chance, stop by his site and read the post and comments, then join in with your own contributions. You may disagree vehemently, but any good debate has to have two sides, doesn’t it?